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Delkim Fishing Bite Alarms for sale

Pair of Delkim Plus coarse fishing bite alarms with remote RX Pro

Available in all six Delkim signature LED colors, the Txi-D is compatible with all of Delkim’s Visual Indication systems, as well as the Safe-D v.2

Delkim Txi-D & Rx-D

Delkim Fishing Bite Alarms for sale

Advanced Fishing Bite Alarms & Receivers for Precision Angling

Delkim Txi-D, Bite Alarms

Bite Alarms, Receivers and Accessories

Each set contains: 3 x Txi-D alarms (All Blue, All Green, All Purple or Red,White and Blue) 1 x Rx-D receiver 3 x Safe-D carbon snag bars 3 x Coloured

Delkim TXI-D 3 x Alarms + Receiver Presentation Set ALL COLOURS Fishing tackle


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Delkim - Txi-D Bite Alarm

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