Diamond Baits 3.5 5-Arm Micro Umbrella Rig w/Nickel Blades

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Diamond Baits 3.5 Tight Wad Umbrella Rig Nickel

Diamond Baits 3.5 Tight Wad Umbrella Rig Nickel

Mini 5 Wire 4 Blade - Kayak Rig

Willow Leaf Blades for Building Fishing Lures

The Diamond Baits 6.5 Double Bladed “Diamond Mine” Umbrella Rig is the ultimate Umbrella rig to imitate a full pod of shad that has broken off from the main school and ignites a predatory response in trophy-caliber bass. On the Diamond Mine, the five 6.5 arms feature two nickel-plated willow blades that give this rig unbelievable flash and drawing power, even in dirtier water conditions.

Diamond Baits 4.5 Bladed Frenzy Umbrella Rig

The BFL Hitchhiker Rig is the maximum profile allowed in FLW sanctioned events. With 5 wires, 5 Blades, 3 Snaps for swimbaits with hooks and 2 center point screwlocks for swimbaits without hooks. This A-Rig is ready to fish out of the package. No modification necessary. Swimbaits not included.

Hog Farmer Baits Tactical Bassin Mini Flex Rig

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Features: *Made of high-quality materials and durable. *Umbrella rigs for bass fishing caught a lot of big basss with alabama rig. *Alabama fishing

5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig Willow Blade Multi-Lure Rig Fishing Spinner Bass